Dr. Krupesh Thacker

Singer-Songwriter | Author I Music Therapist I Entrepreneur I Change-maker

Krup Music Therapy

Music Therapy For Students

Music Therapy Sessions conducted by Dr. Krupesh for the Physical, Mental, Cognitive, Emotional, Social, and overall development of students.

Music Therapy Sessions For Students Conducted By Dr. Krupesh Thacker (Best Music Therapist In India).

Module 1 – Brain Re-Wiring Workshop

Brain Re-wiring Workshop is designed by Dr. Krupesh to improve the functioning skills of an individual. The workshop covers the basics of music therapy, techniques for brain re-wiring, practical implementation, interactive activities as well as a Q&A section.

About The Music Therapist

Drawing from over 15 years of expertise spanning Health Care, Research, and Music, Dr. Krupesh Thacker has orchestrated over 100 workshops, profoundly impacting lives through the transformative power of music. His adept treatment of chronic conditions has earned him recognition as the best music therapist in India. With a repertoire of over 120 original songs as a Singer-Songwriter, he stands as a prolific creative force. Furthermore, Dr. Thacker’s multifaceted talents extend beyond music; he is celebrated as a bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Motivational Speaker, and Changemaker, embodying excellence across diverse disciplines.


  • Sharper Memory
  • Better Reasoning & Problem-Solving Skills
  • Builds Confidence
  • Fights Exam Fear
  • Master Muily-Functioning Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Balances Emotions
  • Develops Critical Thinking Ability
  • Overall Personality Development


Dr. Krupesh Thacker is one of the best Music Therapist in India. He is the Founder of Krup Music Therapy Clinic & Research Centre. As a Music Therapist, he does Music Therapy sessions for the Disabled, Babies, and Children, Garbhsanskar, Women During Periods & Menopause, Students, and Mental Wellness. He is one of the best Music Therapists in India. He is also a very well-known Corporate & Child Music Therapist in Gujarat. His Music Therapy Sessions for Pregnant Women are praised widely.

Dr. Krupesh Thacker

Dr. Krupesh Thacker is a versatile Indian personality, renowned as a Playback Singer-Songwriter, Director, and Bestseller Author. He is the visionary founder behind Krup Music, Krup Productions, Krup Films, Krup Publishing, and Give Vacha Foundation. Dr. Thacker, a proficient guitarist and lead vocalist, leads the Parv Fusion Band. His influential presence extends to mentorship and judging roles in popular shows such as Sur Gujarat Ke, Sur Hindustan Ke, The Magical Musician, Nach Le, and The Global Gujarat Show. He is known as the best music therapist in India and Gujarat. He has authored bestsellers, including the novel series “Bhagav Gita for Life”, “Jeevan Mein Gunje Gita” and “The Love Gatha”. Notable publications include Arjun Uvacha: Adhyatmik Jatra, Arjun Uvacha: The Spiritual Yatra, Arjun Uvacha: Maa Parv, Kyan Chhe Kano?: Lyrics Book, and Adhura Prem Ni Kahaani, all globally published by Krup Publishing. Dr. Thacker also serves as the Festival Director for Krup Literature Festival, the world’s longest-running literature festival.