Dr. Krupesh Thacker is the founder and executive director of Give Vacha Foundation, a “No Donation NGO” that works on the theme of “Gift Of Time”. He started social work in 2013 and eventually registered the NGO for National & Global level expansions. Under his leadership, the NGO has done many successful projects to create social change. He believes that the gift of music he got has a purpose. So he gifts his musical talent to the Music For Change projects of NGO.


Dr. Krupesh is a Gift Of Time ambassador at Give Vacha Foundation NGO. He has gifted his musical talent to many social projects of the NGO. He is the main Lyricist, & Composer for all the NGO songs. He is also the co-singer & co-actor with Vacha Thacker & Parv Thacker for NGO songs as well as music videos. He loves to join NGO events and spends quality time with people while making efforts to bring smiles to someone’s face. This year he has been selected as a Gift Of Time Ambassador for 4th consecutive year for the NGO projects.

2015Jana Gana Mana | Sur Gujarat Ke 1 JuniorMusic VideoSinger, Composer, Director
2016Kyan Chhe KanoMusic VideoSinger, Lyricist, Composer
2016NaMo Ko SalaamMusic VideoSinger, Lyricist, Composer
2017Jana Gana Mana | Vacha ThackerMusic VideoComposer, Director
2018Ganesh MantraMusic VideoSinger, Composer
2018Jana Gana Mana NotationMusic VideoComposer, Director
2018Satnam Waheguru JaapAudio SongSinger, Composer
2019Hai Naman – Shaheedo Ko SalaamMusic VideoSinger, Lyricist, Composer, Director
2019Hai Naman – Shaheedo Ne SalaamMusic VideoSinger, Lyricist, Composer, Director
2019Jalaram DhunAudio SongSinger, Composer
2019Satnam Waheguru 108 TimesAudio SongSinger, Composer
2019Mangal Bhavan – Ram DhunMusic VideoSinger, Composer, Director
2019Baatein Ankahee With Dr. KrupeshMusic VideoWriter, Narrator, Actor, Composer, Director
2020Love You MaaMusic VideoSinger, Composer, Director, Lyricist
2020Tu Chhe O MaaMusic VideoSinger, Composer, Director, Lyricist
2020Swaminarayan DhunAudio SongSinger, Composer
2020Corona Warrior ABCAudio SongSinger, Lyricist, Composer
2020GoaconAudio SongSinger, Lyricist, Composer
2020Laadli BeniMusic VideoSinger, Composer, Director, Actor, Lyricist
2020Vakratunda MahakayaAudio SongSinger, Composer
2020Guru Mantra Kabir MixAudio SongSinger, Composer
2020DhingliMusic VideoSinger, Lyricist, Composer, Director, Actor
2020Mangalmay Sab Kar DenaAudio SongSinger, Lyricist, Composer
2021Ram Rakhe Tem RahiyeMusic VideoSinger, Composer, Director, Actor
2021Ram Dhun Non StopAudio SongSinger, Composer
2021Ram Dhun 108 TimesAudio SongSinger, Composer
2021Hanuman Mantra 108 TimesAudio SongSinger, Composer
2021Hanuman Mantra (DJ Mix)Audio SongSinger, Composer